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"Tonix - 96" Ltd. is an established manufacturer of solid wood furniture with proven quality. For over 25 years we have been offering to our clients from the country and abroad a large variety of interior solutions made of solid wood, which meet the high expectations of our clients in terms of functionality and style.

We design and manufacture high quality retro, classic and modern solid wood furniture for complete furnishing of hotels, restaurants, bars, offices and homes. Due to the fruitful cooperation between the company's design and construction departments, our clients receive unique interior solutions for their individual projects: tables, chairs, kitchen cupboards, bedroom sets, living room furniture, children's room sets, furniture for hallway, bathroom and other pieces of custom-made furniture such as libraries, cabinets, etc.

To ensure the excellent quality of our furniture, we use high quality wood - beech, oak, walnut, cherry, pine and MDF and work with proven Italian and Swedish materials - water stains, primers, varnishes and hardeners of Sirca, Milesi and Becker Acroma.

The company has 2 production workshops: a workshop for custom-made furniture and a workshop for tables and chairs, as well as a company store of 400 m2, located in the town of Troyan.

“Tonix – 96“ Ltd. is a longtime member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Wood Processors and Furniture Manufacturers - Troyan.

Realize your unique interior dreams by choosing us!

Choose color

The furniture we make can be made in different colors - finishes depending on the customer's preferences. You can choose from our color catalog or provide us with a sample of your color to reproduce.

Choose style

Depending on the client's preferences, we make retro, classic and modern furniture. We also produce aged (with a slightly old or with a very old finish) and patinated pieces of furniture. Regardless of the style, we guarantee that your furniture will create coziness and style and will bring individuality to your interior.

Choose the wood and materials

The furniture we offer can be made of different types of high quality natural wood - beech, oak, walnut, cherry, pine or MDF depending on the customer's preferences. To ensure the excellent quality of our furniture, the materials we use for surface treatment of wood - water stains, primers, varnishes and hardeners are from proven Italian and Swedish companies in the chemical industry - Sirca, Milesi and Becker Acroma.

Choose quality and durability

Solid wood furniture has always been preferred because of the proven quality and durability of natural wood. With proper processing on our part and maintainance on your part, you will be able to enjoy the purchased solid wood furniture for decades.

Choose uniqueness

Share your requirements and our designers will offer you a unique individual project, encompassing a variety of solutions that will exceed your expectations for functionality and style. If you already have a project from an interior designer, we will discuss possible solutions with you and will implement the project with maximum precision to detail.

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